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Title 5 . Fish and Game
Chapter 92 . Statewide Provisions
Section 52. Discretionary permit hunt conditions and procedures

5 AAC 92.052. Discretionary permit hunt conditions and procedures

The department may apply any or all of the following additional conditions to a permit hunt, when necessary for management of the species hunted:

(1) a permittee shall register at a designated station before entering, and upon leaving, the field; except as authorized under AS 16.05.405 , a person may not hold more than one permit for the same species in a hunt area at one time;

(2) a permittee shall demonstrate

(A) the ability to identify the species hunted;

(B) the ability to identify the permit hunt area;

(C) a knowledge of weapon safety and use;

(3) a permittee shall attend an orientation course;

(4) a permittee shall carry an operative radio while in the field;

(5) a permittee who takes an animal under a permit shall deliver specified biological specimens to a check station or to the nearest department office within a time set by the department; the trophy value of an animal taken under a subsistence permit may be nullified by the department;

(6) a permittee must be accompanied by a department representative;

(7) only a specified number of permittees may hunt during the same time period, and a permittee may hunt only in a specified subdivision within the permit hunt area;

(8) a permittee may not use specified mechanized vehicles for hunting big game or for transporting meat from the hunting area;

(9) a permittee who cancels his or her plan to hunt shall notify the department at an office, and within a time limit, specified by the department;

(10) a permittee may use only weapons and ammunition specified by the department;

(11) before receiving a permit, the permittee shall acknowledge in writing that he or she has read, understands, and will abide by, the conditions specified for the hunt;

(12) a permittee may hunt only during specified time periods;

(13) a permit applicant must be at least 10 years old, except a Tier I subsistence permit applicant must be at least 12 years old;

(14) a permittee shall submit, on a form supplied by the department, information requested by the department about the hunt; the permittee shall submit this form to the department within the time limit set by the department;

(15) the permit applicant must hold a valid Alaska hunting license; however, this does not apply to a resident under the age of 16; an applicant's hunting license number must be entered on the permit application; a resident under the age of 16 shall enter his or her age instead of a license number;

(16) a hunter participating in a permit hunt that allows only the use of a bow and arrow must have completed a department-approved bowhunter education course;

(17) a permittee may take only an animal of a sex specified by the department;

(18) a person with physical disabilities, as defined in AS 16.05.940 , with a special permit to hunt with a motorized vehicle, must be accompanied by another hunter who has a valid hunting license and is capable of assisting the permittee in retrieving game taken by the permittee;

(19) a person may be limited to one big game registration permit at a time in Units 1, 17 and 20(E);

(20) the number of registration permits that may be issued per household for a specified big game hunt may be limited;

(21) the permit hunt area authorized by the Board of Game may be subdivided into smaller permit hunt areas.

History: Eff. 7/5/85, Register 95; am 8/20/89, Register 111; am 7/1/92, Register 122; am 6/28/96, Register 138; am 7/1/2000, Register 154; am 7/1/2002, Register 162; am 7/1/2004, Register 170; am 7/1/2005, Register 174

Authority: AS 16.05.255

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