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Title 5 . Fish and Game
Chapter 92 . Statewide Provisions
Section 39. Permit for taking wolves using aircraft

5 AAC 92.039. Permit for taking wolves using aircraft

(a) A person may not use an aircraft to land and shoot a wolf without first obtaining a permit from the department.

(b) A person may not use an aircraft to take a wolf by aerial shooting without first obtaining a permit from the department.

(c) A person may not use a helicopter for helicopter trapping of wolves without first obtaining a permit from the department.

(d) The department may apply any of the following conditions to a permit issued under this section:

(1) a permit for taking a wolf by land and shoot, aerial shooting, or helicopter trapping may only be issued consistent with 5 AAC 92.110 to establish a wolf population reduction or regulation program for purposes of aiding in the administration of wildlife management;

(2) a permit may only be issued to a licensed pilot legally authorized to pilot an aircraft and who possesses a valid resident trapping license; except that if a gunner is used in addition to the pilot, a separate permit will also be issued to the gunner, who must also possess a valid resident trapping license;

(3) a permit issued under this section is not transferable;

(4) before receiving a permit under this section, the applicant must acknowledge in writing that the applicant has read, understands, and will abide by, the conditions specified for the permit;

(5) a permit is valid from the date of issuance until the earlier of

(A) the ensuing April 30;

(B) a specified quota of wolves are taken in the area or subdivision of the area specified in the permit; or

(C) the wolf predation control program is closed by emergency order;

(6) the department may limit the

(A) number of permits issued during the same time period;

(B) number of permits issued in a specified subdivision within the permit area;

(C) type of aircraft, weapons, ammunition, and trapping equipment that may be used within the permit area;

(D) use of radio communications and cellular phones by permittees within the permit area;

(E) number of wolves authorized to be taken under a permit; and

(F) use of an aircraft to assist or aid a permittee on the ground in the location, tracking, pursuit, or taking of a wolf;

(7) the department may require an applicant for a permit to possess minimum qualifications, including

(A) previous experience flying aircraft in this state that includes low-level maneuvers and off-airport operation;

(B) knowledge of the geography of the relevant wolf predation control area;

(C) a demonstrated capability and commitment to respond to control program goals and department directives or orders in a timely manner;

(D) no conviction within the previous five years for a hunting or trapping violation, other than a non-criminal violation charged under 5 AAC 92.002; and

(E) that the applicant is at least 16 years old;

(8) a permittee must

(A) report the number and location, with GPS coordinates, of all wolves taken under the permit;

(B) make every practicable effort to salvage for sealing all hides of wolves taken under the permit;

(C) affix a metal locking tag that remains on the hide until sealed on all wolves taken under the permit;

(D) report the location of a wounded wolf to the department as soon as practicable;

(E) submit information requested by the department within the time limit set by the department;

(F) deliver specified biological specimens to the nearest department office within a time set by the department;

(G) return the permit to the department office where the permit was issued within five days after the expiration of the permit, unless otherwise specified by the department; and

(H) have the hides of wolves taken sealed by a department representative within 30 days after the permit expires;

(9) the department may require a permittee to

(A) accompany a department representative to the location where a wolf was taken by the permittee;

(B) check in and check out at a location specified by the department.

(e) A wolf taken under a permit becomes the property of the permittee only if the permittee has complied with all pertinent statutes, regulations, and the conditions of the permit.

(f) A permittee may use an aircraft to assist or aid a permittee on the ground in the dispatching of a wounded wolf, or the retrieval of a dead wolf.

(h) In accordance with AS 16.05.783 , the methods and means authorized in a permit issued under this section are independent of all other methods and means restrictions in AS 16 and this title.

(h) For the purposes of this section,

(1) "aerial shooting" means taking or attempting to take a wolf by discharging a firearm from an airborne aircraft;

(2) "helicopter trapping" means using a helicopter to establish and maintain a trapline using traps and snares;

(3) "land and shoot" means using an aircraft to locate a wolf, landing the aircraft, exiting the aircraft, and immediately shooting or attempting to shoot the wolf.

History: Eff. 7/5/85, Register 95; am 7/1/92, Register 122; am 5/5/93, Register 126; am 1/22/2004, Register 169; am 7/1/2004, Register 170

Authority: AS 16.05.255

AS 16.05.783

AS 16.05.920

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