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Title 4 . Education and Early Development
Chapter 62 . (Repealed)
Section 30. Application for license

4 AAC 62.030. Application for license

(a) If an orientation and pre-service training program is available in the community, a licensing representative shall require an applicant for a license to operate a child care facility under this chapter to attend the program. If the applicant does not complete the required program, the licensing representative will suspend processing the application until the requirement is met.

(b) An applicant for a license to operate a child care facility under this chapter shall initiate the application in the name of the individual or legal entity responsible for the operation of the child care facility.

(c) An applicant for a provisional or biennial license under AS 14.37 and this chapter shall submit a completed application on a form or forms provided by the department and provide the following information as applicable to the type of child care facility:

(1) information required by AS 14.37.040 (b);

(2) a copy of enabling legislation, charter, partnership agreement, or articles of incorporation for the applicant, if the applicant is a legal entity;

(3) the telephone number, fax number, and electronic mail address, if any, of the child care facility and of the applicant, including each individual who has an ownership or management interest in the facility;

(4) the name, mailing address, telephone number, electronic mail address, if any, and title of the chief executive officer of the unit or subunit of government, if the applicant is a government unit;

(5) the name, mailing address, telephone number, and electronic mail address, if any, of the owner of the property housing the child care facility;

(6) names, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, if any, and mailing addresses of four references for the applicant;

(7) for each individual, age 16 and older, having contact with children in a child care facility

(A) a notarized clearance for licensing form, including identifying information such as date of birth, driver's license number, background information, and a release of information, that will authorize the licensing representative to

(i) review criminal justice information, including juvenile justice information for juveniles age 16 to age 20 under the authority of AS 47.12.310 (e);

(ii) review protective service records for adults; in this sub-subparagraph, "protective services records" means records of the Department of Health and Social Services developed under the authority of AS 47.10, AS 47.14, and AS 47.17;

(iii) review licensing records;

(iv) request a health, probation, or mental health evaluation, if considered necessary by the department to evaluate whether the individual meets the requirements of AS 14.37 and this chapter; and

(v) share the information described in this paragraph with the applicant for a license or licensee, to the extent permitted by state or federal law;

(B) criminal justice information reports as required in 4 AAC 62.210(f) (1); and

(C) fingerprint cards as required in 4 AAC 62.210(f) (2);

(D) tuberculin clearance as required in 4 AAC 62.210(j) ;

(8) ages of children to be cared for;

(9) hours and days of operation;

(10) a request for a variance from a requirement of AS 14.37 or a regulation of this chapter, if applicable;

(11) a specialization for which approval is requested under 4 AAC 62.600 - 4 AAC 62.610 of this chapter;

(12) water test results, if applicable;

(13) a current plan of operation for the child care facility, including an organizational chart, staffing chart, other plans, policies, rules, program descriptions, schedules, and forms, and materials, unless previously submitted to the department and no changes have occurred; and

(14) other information required by the department to enable the department to determine if the applicant meets the requirements of AS 14.37 and this chapter.

(d) The department will, in its discretion, withdraw the agreement entered under (a) of this section after 30 days notice to the individual or agency if the department determines that the inspections and evaluations of the individual or agency do not adequately reduce risk of harm to the children in care.

(e) The department will, in its discretion, enter into an agreement authorizing an individual or a private or government agency to evaluate whether individuals meet the caregiver qualifications established under 4 AAC 62.210 and 4 AAC 62.220 in order to develop a list of qualified substitute caregivers available in a community.

History: Eff. 1/1/96, Register 136; am 3/1/98, Register 145; am 2/8/2002, Register 161; am 2/24/2002, Register 161; am 11/13/2002, Register 164

Authority: AS 14.37.020

AS 14.37.040

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