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Title 2 . Administration
Chapter 55 . Public Information
Section 40. Requirements of qualified corporations

2 AAC 55.040. Requirements of qualified corporations

If a corporation qualifies under 2 AAC 55.030, it shall then

(1) provide the commission, for its review and comment,

(A) a statement of objectives responsive to the needs of the area served by the facility;

(B) a schedule of proposed programs that would meet identified objectives as described in (A) of this paragraph;

(C) proposed position descriptions, staff chart, personnel policies, and salary schedules; and

(D) a proposed budget showing all anticipated sources of income and objects of expenditures;

(2) agree to

(A) submit to the executive director of the commission, for review and comment, the resumes of the finalist candidates for the position of chief executive officer of the public broadcasting facility;

(B) have a policy for the provision of free transmission of instructional programs provided by local public educational institutions;

(C) exercise caution in the airing of free programs from suppliers other than recognized educational/public broadcasting sources, especially those which advocate a commercial product or a religious or political viewpoint;

(D) provide the commission or its agent for its review, if requested to do so by the commission, station operational records, the corporate book or records or both, accounts, expenditures, and minutes of corporate meetings;

(E) supply the commission with a copy of its annual proof of performance report and other reports and forms prepared in compliance with regulations of the Federal Communications Commission;

(F) advise the commission of approaching meetings of the board of directors of the corporation, and send to the commission the minutes of each meeting within 30 days after the approval of the minutes by the board;

(G) abide by budgets approved by the commission, except that transfers of funds from one budget function to another will, in the commission's discretion, be approved;

(H) furnish to the commission an accounting of grant money which is in accordance with the accounting practices approved by the commission;

(I) identify, on the air at least twice daily and on the stationery used by the corporation, that the public broadcasting facility operated by the corporation received funding from the commission;

(J) supply the commission with a true copy of the corporation's proposed budget for the next fiscal year, showing all sources of anticipated income and objects of expenditure, at a time each year determined by the commission;

(K) submit reports on the following topics if requested to do so by the commission:

(i) objectives of the broadcasting facility and a description of how they have been met;

(ii) significant events of the previous year for the corporation;

(iii) names of major programs produced during the year;

(iv) repealed 7/10/83;

(v) repealed 7/10/83;

(vi) names and positions of all broadcasting facility employees;

(vii) a complete financial accounting for the previous year; and

(viii) repealed 7/10/83;

(L) provide a statement designating any new objectives or directions anticipated by the corporation for the coming year.

History: Eff. 9/1/73, Register 47; am 6/24/79, Register 70; am 7/10/83, Register 87

Authority: AS 44.21.264

AS 44.21.266

AS 44.21.268

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