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Title 2 . Administration
Chapter 15 . Public Information
Section 115. Payment for state purchases of goods or services

2 AAC 15.115. Payment for state purchases of goods or services

(a) If payment for goods or services purchased by a state agency is not made on or before a required payment date as specified in AS 37.05.285 (a), the state agency shall pay interest on the unpaid balance in accordance with AS 37.05.285 (c).

(b) If a seller of goods or services believes that interest is owed on a payment made by a state agency, the seller shall, within 30 days after receipt of the payment, submit to the billing address of the state agency a written request for payment of interest. A request for payment of interest must include

(1) the contract or purchase order number;

(2) the date of delivery of goods or services;

(3) the state warrant number and the date the warrant was received;

(4) a certified copy of the invoice submitted for payment; and

(5) a calculation of the amount of interest due.

(c) The state official responsible for authorizing payment for goods or services for which an interest payment has been requested under (b) of this section shall review and act upon the request no later than 10 days after receipt of the request. If a request for interest payment is disallowed, the seller may appeal the disallowance in accordance with 2 AAC 25.

(d) Under AS 37.05.285 (f)(2) and this section, a payment is considered made on the date when the payment is personally delivered to the seller or agent of the seller or on the date the payment is postmarked upon mailing.

(e) In this section and in AS 37.05.285 ,

(1) "contract" means all state agency contracts and contract awards other than those covered by AS 36.90.010 ;

(2) "purchase" refers to goods or services provided to a state agency; it does not refer to goods or services provided to an individual under a state agency program that requires a determination of the individual's eligibility to receive the goods or services before payment is made by the state agency;

(3) "purchase order" means a document authorizing a seller to deliver goods or services with payment to be made later and includes an advertising order, delivery order, field purchase order, or state transportation request;

(4) "seller of goods or services" means an individual or organization that offers or transfers property or services to a state agency under a contract of a sale or purchase order.

(f) In AS 37.05.285 , "proper billing" means an original invoice or certified copy of an original invoice that includes

(1) the contract number, purchasing document reference number, an itemized description of the goods or services provided, prices for each item or increment of service, extended prices;

(2) the seller of goods or services' valid taxpayer identification number, if the goods or services provided are of a type that is required to be included on a United States tax information return as described in 26 U.S.C. 6041, 6041A, 6042(a), 6044, 6045, 6049(a), 6050A, or 6050N (Internal Revenue Code); and

(3) any other documentation required by the contract or purchase order.

(g) In accordance with AS 37.05.285 (a)(2), a claim provided to a state agency for goods or services received shall not be certified for payment until receipt of a proper billing.

History: Eff. 2/25/87, Register 101; am 4/1/88, Register 105

Authority: AS 37.05.020

AS 37.05.285

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