Alaska Statutes.
Title 38. Public Land
Chapter 35. Right-of-Way Leasing Act
Section 120. Covenants Required to Be Included in Lease.
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AS 38.35.120. Covenants Required to Be Included in Lease.

(a) A noncompetitive lease of state land for a right-of-way for an oil or natural gas pipeline valued at $1,000,000 or more may be granted only upon the condition that the lessee expressly covenants in the lease, in consideration of the rights acquired by it under the lease, that

(1) it assumes the status of and will perform all of its functions undertaken under the lease as a common carrier and will accept, convey, and transport without discrimination crude oil or natural gas, depending on the kind of pipeline involved, delivered to it for transportation from fields in the vicinity of the pipeline subject to the lease throughout its route both on state land obtained under the lease and on the other land; it will accept, convey, and transport crude oil or natural gas without unjust or unreasonable discrimination in favor of one producer or person, including itself, as against another but will take the crude oil or natural gas, depending on the kind of pipeline involved, delivered or offered, without unreasonable discrimination, that the Regulatory Commission of Alaska shall, after a full hearing with due notice to the interested parties and a proper finding of facts, determine to be reasonable in the performance of its duties as a common carrier; however, a lessee that owns or operates a natural gas pipeline

(A) subject to regulation either under the Natural Gas Act (15 U.S.C. 717 et seq.) of the United States or by the state or political subdivisions with respect to rates and charges for the sale of natural gas, is, to the extent of that regulation, exempt from the common carrier requirement in this paragraph;

(B) that is a North Slope natural gas pipeline (i) is required to operate as a common carrier only with respect to the intrastate transportation of North Slope natural gas, as that term is defined in AS 42.06.630 , and (ii) is not required to operate as a common carrier as to a liquefied natural gas facility or a marine terminal facility associated with the pipeline, and is not otherwise required to perform its functions under the lease as a common carrier; for purposes of this subparagraph, "North Slope natural gas pipeline" means all the facilities of a total system of pipe, whether owned or operated under a contract, agreement, or lease, used by a carrier for transportation of North Slope natural gas, as defined by AS 42.06.630 , for delivery, for storage, or for further transportation, and including all pipe, pump, or compressor stations, station equipment, tanks, valves, access roads, bridges, airfields, terminals and terminal facilities, including docks and tanker loading facilities, operations control centers for both the upstream part of the pipeline and the terminal, tanker ballast treatment facilities, fire protection system, communication system, and all other facilities used or necessary for an integral line of pipe, taken as a whole, to carry out transportation, including an extension or enlargement of the line;

(2) it will interchange crude oil or natural gas, depending on the kind of pipeline involved, with each like common carrier and provide connections and facilities for the interchange of crude oil or natural gas at every locality reached by both pipelines when the necessity exists, subject to rates and regulations made by the appropriate state or federal regulatory agency;

(3) it will maintain and preserve books, accounts, and records and will make those reports that the state may prescribe by regulation or law as necessary and appropriate for purposes of administration of this chapter;

(4) it will accord at all reasonable times to the state and its authorized agents and auditors the right of access to its property and records, of inspection of its property, and of examination and copying of records;

(5) it will provide connections, as determined by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska under AS 42.06.340 , to facilities on the pipeline subject to the lease, both on state land and other land in the state, for the purpose of delivering crude oil or natural gas, depending on the kind of pipeline involved, to persons (including the state and its political subdivisions) contracting for the purchase at wholesale of crude oil or natural gas transported by the pipeline when required by the public interest;

(6) it shall, notwithstanding any other provision, provide connections and interchange facilities at state expense at such places the state considers necessary if the state determines to take a portion of its royalty or taxes in oil or natural gas;

(7) it will construct and operate the pipeline in accordance with applicable state laws and lawful regulations and orders of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska;

(8) it will, at its own expense, during the term of the lease,

(A) maintain the leasehold and pipeline in good repair;

(B) promptly repair or remedy any damage to the leasehold;

(C) promptly compensate for any damage to or destruction of property for which the lessee is liable resulting from damage to or destruction of the leasehold or pipeline;

(9) it will not transfer, assign, or dispose of in any manner, directly or indirectly, or by transfer of control of the carrier corporation, its interest in a right-of-way lease, or any rights under the lease or any pipeline subject to the lease to any person other than another owner of the pipeline (including subsidiaries, parents, and affiliates of the owners), except to the extent that the commissioner, after consideration of the protection of the public interest (including whether the proposed transferee is fit, willing, and able to perform the transportation or other acts proposed in a manner that will reasonably protect the lives, property, and general welfare of the people of Alaska), authorizes; the commissioner shall not unreasonably withhold consent to the transfer, assignment, or disposal;

(10) it will file with the commissioner a written appointment of a named permanent resident of the state to be its registered agent in the state and to receive service of notices, regulations, decisions, and orders of the commissioner; if it fails to appoint an agent for service, service may be made by posting a copy in the office of the commissioner, filing a copy in the office of the lieutenant governor, and mailing a copy to the lessee's last known address;

(11) the applicable law of this state will be used in resolving questions of interpretation of the lease;

(12) the granting of the right-of-way lease is subject to the express condition that the exercise of the rights and privileges granted under the lease will not unduly interfere with the management, administration, or disposal by the state of the land affected by the lease, and that the lessee agrees and consents to the occupancy and use by the state, its grantees, permittees, or other lessees of any part of the right-of-way not actually occupied or required by the pipeline for the full and safe utilization of the pipeline, for necessary operations incident to land management, administration, or disposal;

(13) it will be liable to the state for damages or injury incurred by the state caused by the construction, operation, or maintenance of the pipeline and it will indemnify the state for the liabilities or damages;

(14) it will procure and furnish liability and property damage insurance from a company licensed to do business in the state or furnish other security or undertaking upon the terms and conditions the commissioner considers necessary if the commissioner finds that the net assets of the lessee are insufficient to protect the public from damage for which the lessee may be liable arising out of the construction or operation of the pipeline.

(b) For a right-of-way lease granted under this chapter for an oil or natural gas pipeline valued at $1,000,000 or more to be valid and of legal effect, it must contain the terms required to be inserted under the provisions of AS 38.35.110 - 38.35.140. An oil or natural gas pipeline right-of-way lease granted under this chapter that does not contain the required terms is null and void and without legal effect and does not vest any interest in state land or any authority in the carrier granted the lease.

(c) The commissioner may insert in any right-of-way lease other reasonable provisions and conditions required by the public interest.

(d) The lease will also contain terms and conditions that are reasonably necessary to obligate the lessee, to the extent reasonably practicable, to

(1) prevent conflicts with other existing uses of the land involving a superior public interest;

(2) protect state and private property interests;

(3) prevent any significant adverse environmental impact, including but not limited to the erosion of the surface of the land, and damage to fish and wildlife and their habitat;

(4) restore and revegetate during the term and at termination of the lease; and

(5) protect the interests of individuals living in the general area of the right of way who rely on the fish, wildlife, and biotic resources of the area for subsistence purposes.

(e) In the event the commissioner proposes to offer a lease or leases to two or more lessees for the same pipeline, the commissioner may include terms in the lease or leases which establish the limit of the obligations and liabilities of each lessee arising under this chapter or under the lease or leases.

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