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Alaska Native Related Links: 

UAA Justice Center

The UAA Justice Center is a great site. It has a lot of Alaska legal related sites, such as the Alaska Justice Forum, which  publishes interesting studies on Alaska justice issues.   If you can't find something legal related on Alaska here, look there.

State of Alaska

Alaska Bill Action Status Inquiry System can keep track of pending legislation for its subscribers.   This is a must-have for people wanting to keep track of pending bills.

Some of the agencies have really started putting up useful legal material.

State of Alaska Public Notices.

The  Alaska Division of Banking, Securities & Corporations  has official forms  and  the Alaska Corporation Database in a web searchable format. Kudos, but quit changing URLs on us.

The Alaska Court System has available, Recent Supreme Court Orders (Changes and additions to the Alaska Rules of Court) and Alaska Bar Association Ethics Opinions (from 1990). Another very useful tool is that the Court System now lets you do a name search for parties at the trial courts:

Alaska Workers' Compensation Decisions and Orders are also now on-line.

Another useful State resource is the White Pages Look up which locates phone and e-mail addresses for state personnel. The Lieutenant Governor, Fran Ulmer, has put up the Alaska Administrative Journal, which includes proposed regulations and other official notices from the State of Alaska.

Even the Attorney General's Office is putting up some useful material such as Alaska Constitution Convention Minutes and  Department of Law Document Search which allows you to do a word search in the Constitutional Convention Minutes.  They also publish a monthly newsletter.

And the Legislature has put a tremendous amount of valuable material on the Internet in its Alaska Folio Databases 

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